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AFG-2225 Arbitrary Function Generator


Starting at CDN MSRP $610.00

GW Instek is launchingAFG-2225, its first basic level dual-channel arbitrary function generator,which provides superior features in its class. Both channels are equipped with same characteristics to fit dual-signal applications such as differential or IQ signalling. The outstanding cost-performance value makes the AFG-2225 a practical instrument to accelerate the development process.

The major features for both channels include 10Vpp output amplitude; 25MHz frequency bandwidth with 1uHz resolution; built-in waveforms of Sine, Square, Ramp(Triangle) and Noise. As to the 1%~99% adjustable duty cycle of Square waveform can be used as pulse signal sources. For the arbitrary waveform, user can edit the 66 built-in waveforms or create a whole new one. Moreover, AFG-2225 carries features of AM/FM/PM/FSK/SUM Modulation, Sweep, Burst and Frequency Counter, which can be applied to various communication fields.

In addition to the intuitive and friendly user interface, the 3.5-inch color LCD displays the comprehensive operation information including the true waveform presented at the output. USB Host and Device interface sare equipped to link the AFG-2225with other devices, which provide the flexibility of waveform generation for more practical usages. With link toGW Instek GDS-series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSOs), the waveforms of interest can be captured and reconstructed. User can also use the arbitrary waveform PC software to edit the waveform and then send to AFG-2225 directly, or save the waveform into flash drive and then transfer to AFG-2225.

Full-Functions equipped Dual-channel Signal Output Capability

In most two-channel signals applications, such as digital modulation and vehicle electronic simulation signals, the similar or identical waveform capabilities are required for both channel outputs. Unlike other dual-channel AFG in this class, AFG-2225 is fully equipped with equal capabilities on dual outputs. Most of dual-channel arbitrary waveform generators in this basic level cluster offer one major channel and one minor channel, in which the minor channel only provides less functions or inferior performances.This sort of non-full-function dual-channel AFGs can not meet the requirements of reality.

Correlated Functions of Dual-channel Outputs

The two channels can be used in either independent or correlated configuration. AFG-2225 provides three correlated functions which are Couple, Tracking and Phase functions. ForCouple function, two signals with a ratio or offset in amplitude or frequency can be generated. One of two signals with adjustable offset frequency is an example which can form the two-tone signals for testing the third order inter-modulation distortion of an amplifier. With Tracking function, AFG-2225 NPI Announcement two differential signals with equal-frequency, equal-amplitude but inverted phase can be produced. Examples such asPECL, LVPECLandLVDS digital signals or automotive sensors like temperature,speed signals are all able to be simulated by tracking function.The Phase function is designed to create two signals with specified phase offset. When user wants to create two quadrature (sine and cosine)signals, the phase offset is set to be 90 degrees in the Phase function.In conclusion, compared with other arbitrary function generators only equipped with phase function, AFG-2225 provides great convenience to fulfill the various challenges coming from modern electronic industries.

Differential Signals

Quadrature (sine and cosine) signals


High-flexibility of Arbitrary Waveforms Editing

AFG-2225 provides 120MSa/s sampling rate, 10-bit vertical resolution, 4k-point waveform length, and the maximum waveform repeated rate of 60MHz, regarded as an outstanding arbitrary waveform capability.There are four ways for AFG-2225 to generate customized arbitrary waveforms, which are editing waveform via PC software, point-by-point editing on the panel, loading CSV file and loading the captured waveform from GW Instek GDS-Series Oscilloscopes.

The PC software editing and point-by-point editing particularly provide the way to create the user-defined and post-modification waveform. CSV file loading capability allows AFG-2225 to produce the waveforms with complicated math operation result. For example theMSK (minimum shift keying) signalling in digital communication system needs integral operation. Engineer can use PC math software to process the integral and then send the results in CSV format to AFG-2225. With the link toGW Instek GDS-series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSOs), the waveforms of interest can be captured by DSO and then be reconstructed by AFG-2225. User can capture the waveform during the operation and then reconstructed by AFG-2225 for further analysis or diagnosis in the laboratory. Thus, plus the dual-channel feature, numerous derivative applications of capturing signal can be achieved.

Features, Advantage, and Benefits

Feature Advantage Benefit
Real Dual-Channel AFG Output Dual-Channel with the same specifications can be used as two respective AFG. Satisfy the test requirements of differential signal, phase control, server motor... etc.
Three Correlated Functions of Dual-Channel Outputs Flexibility of Simulating two channel signals is significantly extended. satisfy simulations on baseband, noise-added, audio frequency, digital signal and vibration signals. ...etc 
1%~99% Adjustable Duty Cycle of Square Waveform Used as Pulse Signal Generator as the mark, synchronized or noise signals.  Unnecessary to purchase extra pulse signal gerator
120MSa/s, 10-bit, 4k Point Arbitrary Waveform Function The 60MHz Repetition Rate is the highest amongst its class. Satisfy the major requirements of educational purpose and general industries
 Direct Waveform Reconstruction with
GW DSO-Series
Directly and easily rebuilds the signal captured from DSO. The efficiency of signal analysis and trouble-shooting can be signicantly enhanced.
 High Resolution and Colored TFT LCD The actual output waveforms and setting parameters are clearly presented.  Enhance the operation reliability


Key specifications and Functions

  • Wide Frequency Ranges From 1μHz to 25MHz (sine/square wave)
  • 1 μHz Resolution in Full Range
  • Built-in Standard 120MSa/s, 10bit, 4kPoints Arbitrary Waveform for Both Channels
  • True Dual-Channel Output, CH2 Provides the Same Characteristics as CH1
  • Couple, Tracking, Phase Operations of Dual Channel are Supported
  • 1% ~ 99% Adjustable Duty Cycle for Square Waveform
  • High Resolution and Colored TFT LCD with Friendly User Interface
  • Multiple Editing methods to Edit Arbitrary Waveform Easily
  • Built-in Standard AM/FM/PM/FSK/SUM/Sweep/Burst and Frequency Counter
  • USB Host/Device Interface for Remote Control and Waveform Editing

For more technical and specification information, please refer to the product brochure of AFG-2225 for details.


Service Policy

  1. Two (2)year warranty. The AFG-2225 Dual-Channel Arbitrary Function Generator carries a 2-year warranty, except the LCD Display panel thatcarries 1 year warranty.
  2.  Service Support.The service support will be provided by Instek America for Contiguous United States area. Please refer to warranty policy for details.
  3.  Firmware upgrade through Website.GW Instek continues to provide the after sales support through its website. The most updated version of firmware and PC software will be posted on the distributor zone of GW Instek Website at free download via USB Flash Drive.

Ordering Information

AFG-2225, 25MHz Dual-Channel Arbitrary Function Generator

Standard Accessories
Quick Start Manual*1
User Manual CD *1
GTL-101 Test Lead *2
Power Cord *1

Option Accessories
GTL-110,BNC(M)-BNC(M) RF Cable
GTL-246,USB Cable, USB 2.0 Type A –Type B, 4P


Free Download
Arbitrary Waveform Editing Software