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New Product Introduction: GDM-8341 & GDM-8342

GW Instek rolls out a new generation precision Dual Measurement Multimeters – the GDM-8341 and GDM-8342 are 50,000 count, [VFD] Vacuum Fluorescent Dual display, 0.02% DC accuracy Multimeters in a Bench-style form factor that emphasize greater productivity for the user.

Features and Specifications - Highlights:

  • Three selectable measurement speeds of up to 40 readings/s
  • USB Flash drive storage [GDM-8342 only] storage format .CSV
  • Auto/Manual range selection
  • True RMS (AC, AC+DC) measurements
  • Max./Min., REL/REL#, MX+B, 1/X, Ref%, Compare, Hold, dB, dBm
  • Command compatibility & free software - remote control and data retreiving