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New Fluke VT04 Visual IR Thermometer

In 2012, Fluke launched the successful VT02 creating a breakthrough new tool category that filled the gap between an IR Thermometer and a thermal imager. The VT04 adds powerful 4x sharper infrared resolution, rechargeable battery and new alarm features!


VT04 at a glance:

  VT02(Good) VT04(Better)
4x Sharper Resolution with VT04 - See more details that help you troubleshoot effectively


 PyroBlend™ Plus - 4x Sharper

40% Wider Field of View - See more instantly, work in tighter spaces

 20° x 20°

28° x 28°

Battery Type 4 AA batteries Li-Ion Rechargeable
Temperature Alarm - Yes
Time Lapse Imaging - Yes
Auto-monitoring Alarm - Yes


Key features of the Fluke VT04 Visual IR Thermometer:

  • Breakthrough affordability – Half the cost of infrared cameras that require training and software
  • Built-in digital camera – No entry level infrared camera offers this feature found standard on Fluke Visual IR Thermometers
  • Exclusive thermal heat map blending overlay - Blend digital and thermal images to instantly show the exact location of the issue. Blend between 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and full thermal with one button.
  • No training required - Fully automatic with built-in intelligence
  • True pocket size design – 40% smaller than entry level infrared cameras
  • Captures temperature measurement at center point
  • SmartView® reporting software – Store up to 10,000 images per GB on included 4 GB SD card and make professional reports on included professional software
  • Powerful resolution with PyroBlend™ Plus optics
    • Best-in-class field of view: 28x28 (40% wider for tight spaces)
    • 4 times sharper images than VT02 Visual IR Thermometer
  • Alarm and time lapse features
    • Hi/Lo temperature alarm – Screen flashes if user-selected temperature is exceeded
    • Time lapse image capture – Automatically captures images while unattended
    • Auto-monitor™ alarm – When unattended automatically captures images after an alarm has been triggered
  • Hot and cold spot trackers - Identifies hot and cold spots within field of view 


7 Key Benefits of the Visual IR Thermometer:

vt04 - measure with confidence 

Measure with confidence

Traditional IR Thermometers are low cost but designed for single point temperature readings only. If you don’t know exactly where to look, you can miss a serious problem. The Visual IR Thermometer’s thermal heat map overlay gives thermal context to a digital image. The VT04 adds 4x sharper resolution for better thermal inspection capabilities when more detail is required.

Detect issues instantly

Eliminate the tedious tasks of taking multiple grid readings and manual recording of temperature measurements with an IR thermometer. The Fluke Visual IR Thermometer saves a blended infrared and visual image with every image capture instantly! The Fluke VT04 adds best-in-class field-of-view to see more instantly and to work in tight spaces.


Pinpoint with hot and cold markers

Half of the issue is detecting where it started. While a blended picture speaks a thousand words, so do hot (red box) and cold (blue box) spot markers. When you see a hot or cold spot, you can save the image with the temperature reading and pinpoint the exact location using the blending between full thermal to full visual.

Document problems with SmartView® reporting software

Producing a professional report with SmartView® Software is just as powerful as the VT02 tool itself. Your customers will be able to communicate the issues that they’ve detected or document repairs that have been fixed.

Troubleshoot efficiently

Extremely compact and intuitive, the point and shoot focus-free design of the VT02 starts finding problems right out of the box. Built-in intelligence allows you to use the product with little to no training required.

[NEW WITH VT04] Hi/Lo Temp Alarm finds issues quickly

The VT04 Visual IR Thermometer Hi/Lo Temp Alarm signals when the center point temperature measurement breaches a user determined threshold. Simply set a temperature alarm point, scan the target area and watch for the alarm.


[NEW WITH VT04] Troubleshoot stubborn intermittent issues

The Fluke VT04 has two powerful automated monitoring features that take images at a set duration or when a temperature alarm has been triggered. This is ideal for unattended monitoring, comparing machinery over time and troubleshooting stubborn intermittent issues.


Designed to see it all

Every VT04 has a buildt-in digital camera with thermal heat map overlay to instantly identify the exact location of the problem. Every. Single. Time


Limitless applications:


Visual IR Thermometers & Thermal Imagers work together:

Maintenance teams have never been asked to do more, with fewer resources. Fluke gets it.

An ideal frontline troubleshooting tool, Fluke Visual IR thermometers offer your facilities maintenance generalists and specialists alike, portable infrared detection.

Many of our existing infrared camera users have found the Visual IR Thermometer to be the perfect complementary tool. Compact and affordable enough to outfit an entire team, the VT02 and VT04 is designed to be with you all the time as a frontline troubleshooting tool.


Included accessories

  •  Hard Case
  • Micro-SD card, 4 Gb
  • Micro-SD conversion adaptor to standard
  • Wall plug with worldwide adaptors (US, UK, Europe, Australia)
  • USB to micro-USB cable
  • Lanyard
  • Printed quick start guides (EN, FR,DE,ES, Simplified Chinese)
  • SmartView® analysis and reporting software CD
  • Manual and Quick