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The All New Fluke 787B ProcessMeter™

Double your power

Improved replacement for the popular legacy 787.

ProcessMeter™ tools are a special purpose 2 in 1 tool that combines a DMM and loop calibrator into one powerful test tool. This makes ProcessMeter the ideal test tool for Process instrumentation technicians and I and E technicians.


The new 787B is the updated version of the popular legacy Fluke 787 ProcessMeter™

All the functionality of the legacy 787 ProcessMeter™ and more at the same price.

  • IEC61010 Category IV 600 V rated DMM and loop calibrator in one compact tool
  • Adds Fluke Connect connectivity to the 787 with use of the Ir3000FC communication module.
  • Improvements over legacy 787 include bigger, brighter display, better mA drive, improved step ramp and added span check.

The new Fluke 787B ProcessMeter™ targets a well-known Fluke customer that has been buying the legacy 787 for years. This customer wants a loop calibrator and DMM in one tool for their daily work. This customer does not need the 24V loop power supply provided in the Fluke-789 ProcessMeter™ but may be a candidate for upselling to the 789. 

787B ProcessMeter™ Features / Benefits

  • DMM designed to meet IEC 61010 CAT III 1000 V and 600 V CAT IV standards 
  • Fluke Connect® compatibility for wireless data logging (with IR3000FC module) 
  • Precision 1000 V, 440 mA true-rms digital multimeter 
  • Frequency measurement to 20 kHz 
  • Manual step (100 %, 25 %, Coarse, Fine) plus Auto Step and Auto Ramp of mA source 
  • Min/Max/Average/Hold/Relative modes 
  • Diode test and continuity beeper 
  • Simultaneous mA and % of scale readout 
  • 20 mA dc current source, simulation and measurement 
  • Rugged design and 3-Year warranty 
  • Fluke ConnectTM enables remote monitoring as well as storing, sharing and archiving of measurements 

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787B - ProcessMeter

The Fluke 787 ProcessMeter(TM) combines a DMM and a Loop Calibrator in one rugged, handheld tool so you can do more, while carrying less.

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The Fluke 787 ProcessMeter(TM) combines a DMM and a Loop Calibrator in one rugged, handhel...

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