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All New GL980 High Speed Datalogger

Introducing GL980 - 1MS/s Datalogger with 250VRMS/500Vp-p Voltage and Temperature (T/C) Measurement Capability

  • Max 250Vrms Real Time Recording and Measurement
  • 8ch High Speed Max 1MS/s simultaneous Recording
  • 16bit resolution / Max 500Vp-p Measurement and Recording
  • Standalone 7.0’’ TFT-LCD Display
  • Standard Thermocouple and Voltage Measurement with M3 terminal and Isolated BNC Connection


Potential Applications

Measurement of Control Device

Measurement for Testing Washer and Dryer

Measurement as an XY Recorder

Measurement for Brake Component Testing

GL980 - Midi Logger

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High Speed 1MS/s Datalogger with Voltage and Temperature Measurements. Isolated simultaneo...

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