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Calbench Packages


A CalBench designed for calibration and maintenance of electrical and electronic tools and instruments.

  • Calibrate DMMs, clamp meters, oscilloscopes, DC power supplies
  • Source and measure voltage, current, resistance, frequency and more
  • RTD and thermocouple simulation and measurement
  • Fixed and variable AC and DC power supply modules
  • Multifunction control centre with integral calibrator, DMM and touch screen PC
  • Automated calibration using EasyCal software
  • Insulation tester calibration module
  • Accompanying instruments and adaptors supplied
  • Control the complete calibration process from one ergonomic workspace


The CalBench Electrical/Electronic Package is for test facilities requiring a multi-product calibration solution for testing mainly electronic devices and instruments. Items have been carefully selected to provide a range of comprehensive features to enhance and optimise the calibration process. Using the 7051 temperature and loop calibration is also possible.
Calibrate these common devices/instruments and much more:

  • Temperature and Loop: Sensors, Indicators, Thermocouple and RTD Transmitters, Calibrators, PRTs, Thermistors.
  • Electrical/Electronic: Multimeters, AC/DC Signal Sources, Clamp Meters, Tachometers, Ohmmeters, Decade Boxes, Power Supplies.
  • Frequency: Signal Generators, Oscilloscopes, Frequency Meters, Timer Counters.


Item# Code Description Purpose



CalBench (W2000 x D850 x H1568): Height adjustable bench frame, work top, primary console with 7082 mains power control and distribution module (incl. 2 x output sockets), 4 x under console sockets, and under console lighting.

Provides an ergonomic workspace for various calibration and testing applications. A wide range of modules can be fitted to the primary console creating a highly flexible system that is both functional and easy to use.

2 7121 2 drawer Unit (W500 x D550 x H250mm) For general use and keeping documents etc



Quad DC Power Supply Module - 6V(20A), 12V(10A), 24V(6A), 48V(3A)

Provides a DC power supply to various loop instrumentation under test.



56V DC 4A Adjustable Power Supply Module - Digital

Provides a variable precision DC power supply for a various applications.



Adjustable AC Supply Module (0 - 265V/10A at 240V input or 0 - 121V/10A at 110V input)

Provides a variable AC supply to electrical/electronic DUT’s



Multifunction Calibrator & Control Centre Module:

• Integral calibrator, 6.5 digit DMM, touch screen PC

• Source up to 1050V AC/DC voltage

• Sourceup to 22A AC/DC current

• Source up to 1GΩ resistance

• Thermocouple simulate and measure

• PT100 simulate and measure

• Source capacitance and inductance

• Oscilloscope calibration

• Clamp meter adaptor & tacho meter adaptor

• EasyCal calibration software, printer kits, bar code reader and more extras included

Allows automated calibration for a wide range of electronic test, pressure, temperature and electrical instrumentation. Provides precision electronic calibration source and measurement functions to calibrate a wide range of digital and analogue multimeters, frequency meters, ohm meters, AC/DC millivoltmeters, decade boxes, thermocouple indicators and sensors, clamp meters, oscilloscopes, timer counters, RTDs. Further to this it provides communication with pressure modules.


EasyCal enables the user to automate the calibration process and increase speed of calibration and consistency of results. Easily produce calibration certificates and reports to ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and other international quality standards.



7051 internal option: Scope 2.2GHz Levelled Sine Generator

Enhances the 7051's oscilloscope calibration capabilities.



Insulation Tester Calibration Module

Allows insulation testers to be calibrated (up to 2.5kV).



DC Electronic Load Module, 80A, 80V, 300W

Provides a precision controlled DC load for calibrating DC power supplies.

10 7139 Shelf (W450 x D250 x H130mm) for rear perfo panel Suitable for holding portable equipment and tools
11 7143 Document Holder (W450 x H360mm) for rear perfo panel For holding user manuals of DUTs and other documentation
12 7145 Benchtop Solder Station and Rework Kit High quality soldering, for electronics, components etc. Extras also available such as fume extractor and circuit board holders.
13 7183 Electronics service case (82 tools) General use, highly practical for various lab requirements
14 CERTS Factory Calibration Certificates for test modules Certifies all calibration modules have been tested in the TE factory (NPL traceable)

Do you have a CalBench that needs to be calibrated?

We offer standard traceable calibration and ISO 17025 accredited calibration services.

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