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Fluke 1735 - 3-Phase Power Logger

   3-Phase Power Logger


Category : Power Quality Analyzers

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Power Quality Logging, Electrical Load Studies and Energy Consumption Testing Made Easy

Fluke’s 1735 Three-Phase power data logger is Fluke's most versatile multi-purpose power quality and energy analyzer on the market for the price and is the ideal power meter for conducting energy studies and basic power quality logging. Set the Power Logger up in seconds with the included flexible current probes and color display. The power quality meter measures most electrical power parameters, harmonics, and captures voltage events.

Most Common Applications:

  • Load studies - verify electrical system capacity before adding loads
  • Energy assessments - quantify energy consumption before and after improvements to justify energy saving devices
  • Harmonics measurements - uncover harmonic issues that can damage or disrupt critical equipment
  • Voltage event capture - monitor for dips and swells that cause spurious resets or nuisance circuit breaker tripping
  • Record power and associated parameters for up to 45 days
  • Monitor maximum power demand over user-defined averaging periods
  • Prove the benefit of efficiency improvements with energy consumption tests
  • Measure harmonic distortion caused by electronic loads
  • Improve reliability by capturing voltage dips and swells from load switching
  • Easily confirm instrument setup with color display of waveforms and trends
  • Measure all three phases and neutral with included 4 flexible current probes
  • View graphs and generate reports with included Power Log software
General Display ¼ VGA Graphic Color transmissive displays 320 x 240 Pixel with additional background lighting and adjustable contrast, text and graphics in color
Quality Developed, designed and manufactured according to DIN ISO 9001
Memory 4 MB Flash memory, 3.5 MB for measuring data
Interface RS-232 SUB-D socket; 115.2 k Baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, firmware updates are possible with the RS- 232 interface (9-pole extension cable)
Sample rate 10.24 kHz
Line frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz, user-selectable, with automatic synchronization
Power supply NiMH battery-pack, with ac adapter (15 V to 20 V / 0.8 A)
Operation time with battery Typical > 12 hours without backlight and > 6 hours with backlight high
Dimensions 240 x 180 x 110 mm
Weight 1.7 kg, including battery
Ambient conditions Working temperature range -10°C to +50°C
Storage temperature range -20°C to +60°C
Operating temperature range 0°C to +40°C
Reference temperature range 23°C ±2°C
The above terms are defined in European Standards. To calculate the specification at any point in the working temperature range, use the temperature coefficient below.
Temperature coefficient ±0.1% of the measured value per°C from the reference
Intrinsic error Refers to reference temperature, maximum deviation is guaranteed for two years
Operating error Refers to operating temperature range, maximum deviation is guaranteed for two years
Climatic class C1 (IEC 654-1) -5°C to +45°C, 5% to 95% RH, no dew
Housing Cycoloy shock and scratch proof thermoplast V0-type (non-flammable) with rubber protection holster
EMC Emission IEC/EN 61326-1:1997 class B
Immunity IEC/EN 61326-1:1997
Safety Safety IEC 61010-1 600 V CAT III, double or reinforced insulation, pollution degree 2
Protection IP65; EN60529 (refers only to the main housing without the battery compartment)
RMS values are measured with a 20 ms resolution.
V-rms wye measurement Measuring range 57 V/66 V/110 V/120 V/127 V/220 V/230 V/240 V/260 V/277 V/347 V/380 V/400 V/417 V/480 V AC
Intrinsic error ±(0.2% of measured value + 5 digits)
Operating error ±(0.5% of m. v. + 10 digit)
Resolution 0.1 V
V-rms delta measurement Measuring range 100 V/115 V/190 V/208 V/220 V/380 V/400 V/415 V/450 V/480 V/600 V/660 V/690 V/720 V/830 V AC
Intrinsic error ±(0.2% of m. v. + 5 digit)
Operating error ±(0.5% of m. v. + 10 digit)
Resolution 0.1 V
A-rms measurement Flexi set I ranges 15 A/150 A/3000 A rms (at sine)
Current clamp ranges 1 A/10 A
Resolution 0.01 A
Ranges 150 A/3000 A and 1 A/10 A
Intrinsic error ±(0.5% of m. v. + 10 digit)
Operating error ±(1% of m. v. + 10 digit)
Ranges 15 A
Intrinsic error ±(0.5% of m. v. + 20 digit)
Operating error ±(1% of m. v. + 20 digit)
  The errors of the current probes are not considered.
By using Flexi-set Flexi Set measuring error ±(2% of m. v. + 10 digit)
Position influence ±(3% of m. v. + 10 digit)
CF (typical) 2.83
When using Flexi Set please make sure to position the conductor opposite to the Flexi Set-lock
Power measurement (P - Active, S - Apparent, Q- Reactive, D - Distorting Measuring range see V rms and A rms measurement
Power errors are calculated by adding the errors of voltage and current
Additional error due to power factor PF
Specified error x (1-[PF])
Maximum range with voltage range 830 V delta-connection and 3000 A current range is 2.490 MW, higher displayed values possible when using PTs and CTs with ratio feature
Intrinsic error ±(0.7% of m.v. +15 digit)
Resolution 1 kW
Operating error ±(1.5% of m.v. + 20 digit)
Typical range with voltage range 230 V wye connection and 150 A current range is 34.50 KW.
Intrinsic error ±(0.7% of m.v. +15 digit)
Resolution 1 W to 10 W
Operating error ±(1.5% of m.v. + 20 digit)
The errors of the current sensors themselves have not been considered.
Energy measurement (kWh, KVAh, kVARh) Intrinsic error ±(0.7% of m.v.+ F variation error* + 15 digit)
Resolution 1 W to 10 W
Operating error ±(1.5% of m.v. + F variation error1 + 20 digit)
  1. Frequency variation error
PF (Power factor) Range 0.000 to 1.000
Resolution 0.001
Accuracy ±1% of full scale
Frequency measurement Measuring range 46 Hz to 54 Hz and 56 Hz to 64 Hz
Intrinsic error ±(0.2% of m. v. + 5 digit)
Operating error ±(0.5% of m. v.+ 10 digit)
Resolution 0.01 Hz
Harmonics Measuring range To 50th harmonic (< 50% of nom)
Accuracy Vm, Im, THDV, THDI IEC 61000-4-7:2002, Class II
Vm ≥ 3% Vn ±5% Vm
Vm < 3% Vnom ±0.15% Vnom
Im ≥ 10% Inom ±5% Im
Im < 10% Inom ±0 5% Inom
THDV for THD < 3% ±0.15% at Vnom
for THD ≥ 3% ±5% at Vnom
THDI for THD < 10% ±0.5% at Inom
for THD ≥ 10% ±5% at Inom
Vnom Normal voltage range
Inom Nominal current range
Vm and Im are measured values of harmonic m
Events   Detection of voltage dips, voltage swells and voltage interruptions with a 10 ms resolution and measuring error of the half period sine wave of rms.
Intrinsic error ±(1% of m.v. + 10 digit)
Operating error ±(2% of m.v. + 10 digit)
Resolution 0.1 V

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