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Soken DAC-CTC-7 - Current Transformer Checker

Current Transformer Checker


Category : Instrument Transformer Testing Set

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An instrument transformer that rated secondary current (voltage) is very low is usually composed of
electric devices like electronic power meters, watt-hour meters or transducers, so that the secondary
current (voltage) can directly be supplied to electronic circuits in the devices. DAC-CTC-7 for CT and
DAC-VTC-7 for VT are applicable to test such transformers and measures ratio errors and phase angles


Specimen and application

Measuring ratio errors and phase angles of low current transformers (CT) or low voltage transformers (VT) in watt-hour meters, smart meters, digital current meters, and different transducers.


Two-Mode to measure

Two measuring modes are available. One of them is a comparison measuring mode which compares a reference CT (VT) and a CT (VT) under test. Another one is an absolute measuring mode which measures only a CT (VT) under test. Because a suitable CT (VT) sorted from mass productions in the absolute measuring mode can be used as a reference one in the comparison measuring mode, no need to prepare any reference CT (VT) especially.


Measuring Diagram

Absolute Measuring Mode

Comparison Measuring Mode

Soken DAC-CTC-7 - Current Transformer Checker
  • The wide Phase angle of 0.0 to 2000 minutes.
  • Fast measurement.
  • Light in weight and compact in size.
  • Simple operation and clearness display.


Measuring Range

Rated Current
Absolution measuring mode
Primary Current Range
5A range1201mA – 6000mA
1A range600mA – 1200mA
Secondary Current Range1mA – 1200mA
Comparison measuring mode
Secondary Current Range of Reference CT1mA – 1200mA
Secondary Current Range of CT Under Test1mA – 1200mA
Ratio Error0.00% - +/-20.00%
Phase Angle0.0mim - +/-2000min
Test Current/ Test Voltage range2% - 120% of rated Current / Rated Voltage
Test Frequency50/60Hz
Measuring Accuracy
Ratio Error +/- (3%Rdg+3digits) (+/- (3%Rdg+5digits)at <=5% of rated current)
Phase Angle +/- (3%Rdg+3digits) (+/- (3%Rdg+5digits)at <=5% of rated current)
Input Burden Less than 1VA
AC InputAC100V- 240V +/-10% 50/60Hz
Judgment FunctionOutput PASS/FAIL judgment (dry contact)
Size W430 x D380 x H150 mm
WeightApprox. 8kg

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