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Soken DAC-RT-6 - Turn Ratio Tester

Turn Ratio Tester


Category : Instrument Transformer Testing Set

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DAC-RT-6 is designed to measure winding turns ratio between the primary and secondary winding of a
power transformer and an instrument transformer, preciously.

Built-in amplifier power source realizes stable measurement without interference by the harmonic current in

Further, a preliminary measurement (for 10 sec.) is given before the main measurement to secure safety.
In case of detecting the wrong connection between primary and secondary windings, or any miss setup of
turn ratio etc, the tester stops measurement with an alarm sound.

Moreover, to pursue usability for users, max 10 sample (Turns ratio: 5 points for every sample) can be
registered in internal memory.

DAC-RT-6 is an ideal tester for safe, accurate, and efficient measurement of winding turns ratio.



Power Transformers, Instrument Transformers



Winding turns ratio error means how much real turns ratio (TRn) is different from the nominal turns ratio (TR), and is calculated by using the following formula.

ε= (TR-TRn) / TRn × 100 %

Turns Ratio: TR
Nominal Turns Ratio: zTRn
Turns-Ratio Error: ε

DAC-RT-6 applies test voltage (100V) to the HV side of a transformer under test and detect generated voltage at the LV side. Turns ratio error will be measured by comparing the nominal turns ratio value. Polarity (ADD or SUB) is discerned from phase differences between the HV side and the LV side. The true turns ratio value will be displayed by calculating the measured ratio error and the nominal turns ratio value.



  1. SELECT RATIO: Move to the ratio selection screen
  2. SET RATIO: Move to ratio setting screen
  3. LOCAL: Release REMOTE condition
  4. PRINT: Print out from an option printer
  5. SETTING RATIO: Turns ratio value calculated from HV(N1) and LV(N2).
  6. HV(N1): LV(N2): Set-up values of HV(N1) and LV(N2)
  7. MEAS. RATIO: Measured turns ratio
  8. RATIO ERROR: Measured turns ratio error
  9. TYPE: Move to list of the transformer (display 2)
  10. Tap number: Select registered ratio
  11. REMOTE: Shown when the tester is in Remote mode
  12. POLARITY: Discerned polarity (ADD or SUB)
  13. HV: Voltage applied to N1 H.V
  14. LV: Voltage generate to N2 L.V

Display 2(image)

Max 10 transformer types can be registered and numbered from 1 to 10, and Max 5 ratios can be registered for every type. Each of 5 ratios is displayed on a screen and can be selected by touching the number from 1 to 5. (Ref. display 2)

Soken DAC-RT-6 - Turn Ratio Tester
  • Preliminary measurement function to secure safety. (Stop measurement with alarm sound at any abnormal condition)
  • The built-in amplifier power source prevents interference from harmonic current in Power-line.
  • Max 10 types of turns ratio can be registered, and 5 different ratio settings are available for every type. (totally 50 settings)
  • Durable, compact, and lightweight.
  • Simple operation with an LCD screen.



Measuring VoltageAC100V (20VA)
Turns Ratio Range0.8:1 to 1:1500
Ratio Error Rate Range
± 2% range0 - ±2.00%
± 20% range0 - ±20.00%
Turns Ratio < 200
Range: 2%Accuracy: ± 0.05% ± 2 digits
Range: 20%Accuracy: ± 0.1% ± 2 digits
Turns Ratio 201 - 1000
Range: 2% ~ 20%Accuracy: ± 0.1% ± 2 digits
Turns Ratio 1001 - 1500
Range: 2% ~ 20%Accuracy: ± 0.3% ± 2 digits
Setting Range
HV(N1)0.001 – 99999
LV(N2)0.1 – 9999
Input PowerAC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Size (mm)W270 x H180 x D260
WeightApprox. 5kg
AccessoryMeasuring Cable (H.V/L.V) (5M) AC Cord (1.5M), Grounding Cable (3M)

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