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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) CS-6030 - MHz 4 CH Oscilloscope w/ R/O and cursor measurement

 MHz 4 CH Oscilloscope w/ R/O and cursor measurement

Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI)

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Category : Digital Oscilloscopes

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 CS-6030 100MHz 4-Channel


100-Step Programming
The programming function allows you to write and read the front panel setting operations in
up to 100 steps (20 steps x 5). The set values related to the cursor, vertical attenuator, sweep
rate and synchronization can be programmed so that the settings to be used repeatedly can
be recalled as required once they have been programmed. A foot-switch connector is provided
on the rear panel or use in remote control operation.

TV Line Counter
A TV line counter compatible with both NTSC and PAL is provided. This makes possible detailed
observation of the line signals in a video signal by specifying them on a per-field basis.

4 Channel, 10 Traces
The 4-channel display allows satisfactory observation of a waveform composed of several signal
components, such as a digital signal or video signal. As signals of single phenomenon to 4
phenomena can be observed by combining any of CH1 to CH4 and ADD, the timing between
the signals can also be measured. With the alternate delayed sweep function, the alternate
delayed waveform by magnifying the desired section of the main sweep waveform can also be
displayed simultaneously.

Trigger Counter
The trigger counter is a powerful function in waveform analyzes of digital and video signals. The
delayed sweep capability by selecting the desired trigger point numerically with respect to the
main sweep allows you to observe the VITS signal contained in the TV signal as well as the
timing of a digital circuit with respect to the clock.

A/B Independent Trigger Mode
The couplings and sources of the A trigger and B trigger are independent so that the trigger
conditions can be set independently for A and B. This makes possible stable waveform

Readout & Cursors

The setups of the frequently-used front panel switches and controls are displayed in characters/numerals at the top and bottom of the CRT screen. The setups of the vertical
attenuator, sweep rate switch, delay time and input switch are displayed together with the
observed waveforms so that the observation data can be read out at a glance with little
movement of the eyes.
By placing two cursors displayed on the CRT screen on the desired points on a waveform, the measurement results of the voltage, time, voltage ratio, frequency and phase difference can be
displayed in digital at the top right of the screen. When the tracking mode is activated, the two
cursors can be moved in parallel while maintaining the interval between them, a convenient
feature for comparative measurements of the same item, including the voltage, time and
phase, on different sections of a waveform.

150 MHz Band Guaranteed for All of the 4 Channels
The frequency specification of the vertical amplifier guarantees a bandwidth from DC to 150 MHz
(the CS-6040; 100 MHz with the CS-6030) for each of the 4 channels. Furthermore, this is
possible with a high sensitivity design of 1 mV/div.

High-Function, Reliable Logic Control
Logic control is applied to almost all of the front panel switches and control knobs. Particularly,
rotary encoders are used with the vertical attenuator and sweep rate switches, while endless
VRs are used with the sweep rate fine-adjustment controls, horizontal position controls and
cursor position controls for an excellent feel in use. The last-one memory is provided to back
up the setting positions after the power is turned off.

High 2% Accuracy for More Correct Measurements
To allow reliable measurements, accuracy of 2% is guaranteed for the major specifications
which are the vertical axis sensitivity and sweep rate under environments with a temperature
from 10 to 35(degree) C and humidity of below 85%. Other specifications are also guaranteed
at the rated values.

High-Intensity CRT (20 kV)
The dome-mesh CRT (20 kV) with increased beam transmittance achieves high intensity and
high resolution, which allows clear observations of even TV line signals. (17 kV with the CS-6030)

Guaranteed Time Difference Between Channels
The inter-channel time difference between CH1 and CH2 is guaranteed at below 0.5 ns while
that between CH1/2 and CH3/4 is guaranteed at below 1 ns. These are effective figures for
correct timing measurement between several signals which may be necessary with a logic
circuit, etc.

8-Div Dynamic Range for Accurate Waveform Display Without Distortion
As the dynamic range with a headroom assures the linearity of displayed waveforms, waveforms
can be displayed without distortion until the upper limit of the frequency band.

Automatic Sync Dissolving the Difficulties in Synchronization Operation (FIX)
This function controls the sync level automatically by tracking the waveform amplitude to keep
the scope always synchronized. This has eliminated the need to perform troublesome procedures
for synchronization operation.

Convenient VERT Mode
The sync signal source is decided automatically when the verticalaxis mode is switched. This
means that you need not change the trigger source every time you switch the V-axis mode.

Quality Discontinued Clearance Product


  • Unique x10 MAG which magnifies only the B sweep during delayed sweep
  • [Video clamp] specializing in sync with the TV signal makes sync control operation unnecessary.
  • Glass epoxy PCB substrates with high reliability.
  • Convenient calendar display.
  • Conversion of measured voltages is unnecessary even when probes are used.
  • ÆV1 and ÆV2 can be measured using cursors even in the X-Y mode.
  • Highly accurate delay time resolution of 0.02% of full scale.
  • Maximum sweep rate of 2 ns/div (at x10 MAG).
  • Vertical axis signal output connector.
  • Variable hold-off allowing observation of waveforms with complicated cycles.
  • Single sweep which is specially powerful in observation of sudden phenomena.
  • The scale illumination lights momentarily during single sweep.
  • A-INT and B-INT which allows individual adjustments of the brightness, plus readout
  • 20 MHz BWL which reduces high-frequency noise by attenuating the high-frequency component.
  • Trace separation for moving the delayed-sweep waveform.

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 MHz 4 CH Oscilloscope w/ R/O and cursor measurement

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