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APM LP100VDC150W - 150W LP Series Linear Programmable DC Power Supply

150W LP Series Linear Programmable DC Power Supply


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LP100VDC150W DC source is equipped with communication interface and has an ultra-fast rising edge speed. This DC source model has a system attribute characteristic that it can be matched to other instruments, so as to form an integrated test system with specific functions in order to fulfill the measurement needs at different conditions. It is programmable from a PC and functional as a voltmeter, thus it can provide great convenience to its users. This source not only can be used as a replacement for other ordinary programmable DC sources, it also has a very high price-performance ratio.

  • Low ripple and noise.
  • High resolution and accuracy (0.1 mV / 0.01 mA).
  • Built-in high-accuracy 5 1/2 digit DC voltmeter.
  • Support high-accuracy & dynamic programming output.
  • Single-channel 100 VDC 1.5 A output.
  • High brightness vacuum fluorescent display (VFD).
  • Operating temperature is up to 50℃.
  • Intelligent cooling system, i.e. fan automatically turned on/off based on temperatures.
  • Support externally triggered input and output (optional).
  • Start-up self diagnostic and 19''standard equipment rack design.
  • Use SCPI standard communication protocol.
  • Built-in RS232 communication interface.
Channel Single Channel
Output Voltage Range 0~100V
Output Current Range 0~1.5A
Voltage Load Regulation 0.02%+2mV
Current Load Regulation 0.01%+2mA
Voltage Setting Resolution 1mV
Current Setting Resolution 0.05mA
Voltage Readback Resolution 0.1mV
Current Readback Resolution 0.01mA
Voltage Setting Accuracy 0.01%+5mV
Current Setting Accuracy 0.05%+0.5mA
Voltage Readback Accuracy 0.02%+12mV
Current Readback Accuracy 0.05%+2mA
Voltmeter Accuracy 0.02%+5mV (0~100V)
Ripple & Noise Voltage 70mVp-p/5mVrms
Ripple & Noise Current 1mA
Temperature coefficient 300ppm/° (TYP value)
Net. Weight 12.0kg
Dimensions (W*H*D) 482.0mm x 133.0mm x 477.0mm

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150W LP Series Linear Programmable DC Power Supply

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