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APM SPS300VAC8100W - Single 3-Phase Output Programmable AC Power Supply

Single 3-Phase Output Programmable AC Power Supply


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Category : Three Phase AC Source System

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SPS300VAC8100W is a single 3-phase output programmable AC power supply which provides with high power density. With high speed DSP+CPLD control, high frequency PWM technology, active PFC design, It is able to provide not only stable DC/AC output power,but also 3-phase / 1-phase output.It is featured with high power density, high reliability and high precision, meanwhile it possesses operation interface of touch screen and keys manually. It is able to analog output normal or abnormal power input for electrical device to meet test requirements, which is applicable to electric, lighting, aviation sectors, etc. It could be applied to enterprise’s production test as well.

Application Area:
This series is applicable to multiple sectors such as electric, lighting and aviation sectors and it could be applied to enterprise's  production test as well. 

Basic Functions:
1. Adjustable Phase Angle/Slope
Adjustable Phase Angle/Slope is applicable to verification test of ON/OFF inrush current testing. This function is applicable to start inductive or capacitive load with large capacity to avoid high current when instantaneously start the device.

Adjustable Phase Angle Adjustable Slope

2.High Output Current Crest Factor
The surge current could reach 5-6 times of the rated current, especially suitable for inrush current testing.

3. Output Simulation Sequence and Disturbance Simulation 
Capable of simulating power line disturbance simulation test.




Advanced Functions:
1.Built-in IEC Standard Test
Built-in IEC standard test could be recalled directly.

2.3-Phase Operation and Parallel Mode
Support 3-phase operation, 3 units in parallel.

  • 5.6’’ large touch color screen, possess complete functions and easy to operate.
  • Support for USB data import/export and screen snap from front panel.
  • AC+DC mixed or independent output mode for voltage DC offset simulation.
  • Capable of setting voltage and current output restriction, support for constant current output mode.
  • Capable of setting output slope of voltage and frequency.
  • Capable of setting ON/OFF phase angle.
  • With reverse current protection to avoid current flowing backward.
  • Built-in power meter, which is capable of measuring 5 electrical parameters per phase, including voltage, current, power, etc.
  • Support mA current measurement function.
Voltage 190~265VAC
Frequency 47~63Hz
Phase 3 Phase,4Wire+Groud/Y Connect
Max.Current 60A
Power Factor
@220Vac Input ,Full Load
0.98 Min. Active PFC
Effieciency >85% Max
>85% @220Vac,50HZ input/230Vac,50HZ output

3-Phase Output Mode

AC Power(Per Phase) 2700VA
AC Power(Total) 8100VA
0~150V(L) 27.6A
0~300V(H) 13.8A
0~150V(L) 165.5A
0~300V(H) 82.8A

Parallel Phase Mode

0~150V(L) 82.8A
0~300V(H) 41.4A
0~150V(L) 496.8A
0~300V(H) 248.4A
Phase 1 Phase


Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) <0.5% (Resistive Load) at 15.0 - 70.0Hz and output voltage within the 80 - 140Vac at Low Range or the 160 - 280Vac at High Range
<1% (Resistive Load) at 70.1 - 500Hz and output voltage within the 80 - 140Vac at Low Range or the 160 - 280Vac at High Range
<1% (Resistive Load) at 501 - 1000Hz and output voltage within the 100 - 140Vac at Low Range or the 160 - 280Vac at High Range
Crest Factor(CF) ≤6
Load Regulation +/-0.2%FS @15-100HZ(Resistive Load)
+/-0.5%FS @ Others Freq.(Resistive Load)
Line Regulation ±0.1V
Range 0~300VAC, 150V/300V/Auto Mode
Resclution 0.1V
Accuracy 0.2% of setting +0.4%F.S at Voltage>3V
Phase Angle
Range 0~359.9°
Resclution 0.1°
Accuracy ±1° @45~65Hz
Voltage(DC) Range 0~424VDC
Resolution 0.1V
Accuracy 0.2% of setting +0.4%F.S at Voltage>3V
DC Power
(Per Phase)
(L/H Range)
(Per Phase)
L 19.6A
H 9.8A
DC Power(Total) 8100W
(L/H Range) (Total)
L 58.8A
H 29.4A

L <700mVrms @Bandwidth 20HZ to 1MHZ
H <1100mVrms @Bandwidth 20HZ to 1MHZ

Ripple&Noise(Peak) <4000mVp-p @Bandwidth 20HZ to 1MHZ
Current OC Fold Mode Resclution 0.1A
Accuracy 2.0% of setting +1.0%F.S.
Response Time <1400ms
Frequency Range 15~1000Hz
Resolution 0.1Hz(15.0~99.9Hz) ,1Hz(100~1000Hz)
Accuracy 0.03% of setting
Programmable Output Impedance Not Support
Harmonic & Inter-harmonics Simulation Not Support

Measurement (Per Phase)

(Per Phase)
Range AC 0~300VAC
DC 0~424VDC
Resolution 0.1V
Accuracy 0.2% of setting +0.4%F.S. (Notes: Vpeak: 0.6% of setting +1%F.S.)
(Per Phase)
Range 15~1000Hz
Resolution 0.1Hz(15.0~99.9Hz) ,1Hz(100~1000Hz)
Accuracy 0.1% of setting
(Per Phase)
Range H 0.3A~27.6A
M 0.2A~20A
L 0.1A~5A
mA 0.02A~1.5A
Resolution 0.01A
Accuracy 0.4%+1.0%F.S.
(Per Phase)
Range 0A~168.6A
Resolution 0.01A
Accuracy 0.4%+1.5%F.S.
(Per Phase)
Range 0~3060W
Resolution 0.1W
Accuracy 0.4% of setting +0.3%F.S at PF>0.2, Voltage >5V

Power Apparent
(Per Phase)

Range 0~3060VA
Resolution 0.1VA
Accuracy Voltage*Irms,Calculated value
Power Resistive
(Per Phase)
Range 0~3060VAR
Resolution 0.1VAR
Accuracy √【(VA)^2-(W)^2】,Calculated value
Power Factor
Range 0.00~1.00
Resolution 0.01
Accuracy W/VA, Calculated value
Harmonic Range Not Support

Extra Function

Slew Rate Range AC Voltage 0.001-1200.00V/mS and Disable
DC Voltage 0.001-1000.00V/mS and Disable
Frequency 0.001-1600.000HZ/ms and Disable
Remote Sense Range 5V(RMS), Max. Total power less than rated power
Cablibration Firmware-based cablibration through the digital interface or front panel display
Noted: Need Factory setting
Test Mode Not Support
Graphic Display 5.6'' Color touch LCD
Operation Key Feature Soft key,Numberic key,Rotary Knob,Support USB disk
Rack mount Handles YES
FAN Temperature Control
Interface Standard USB,RS485,RS232&LAN, Option GPIB interface


Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Altitude 2000m
Relative Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing
Temperature Coefficient 100ppm/°C at Voltage, 300ppm/°C at Current, 100ppm/°C at FREQ


Dimensions(W*H*D) 560x945x700 mm
Unit Net Weight 131.0kg

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Single 3-Phase Output Programmable AC Power Supply

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