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GW Instek new Safety Tester GPT-9600 Series

The GPT-9600 Series is the 4th addition to GW Instek's safety testers family. This new series has a 100VA AC Test Capacity, 100VA DC test capacity for the GPT-9603 and GPT-9602 models and has an optional Insulation Resistance tester for the GPT-9603 and GPT-9612 models. The series was meant to be an "economical" solution to the safety testers family.

This test instrument has a very straight forward simple design with a mechanical power switch, one turn nob, some functionality soft push buttons and 6 option buttons bellow the LCD display. This tester can be adapted to 19" rack panel (GRA-417).

If you're looking for specifications why not check out their product page from the links bellow:

GPT-9603 - AC 100VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage/ Insulation Resistance Tester
GPT-9612 - AC 100VA AC Withstanding Voltage/ Insulation Resistance Tester
GPT-9602 - AC 100VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Tester
GPT-9601 - AC 100VA AC Withstanding Voltage Tester

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