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Tradeport Electronics Sells a wide variety of test and measurement instruments. We hold industry leading brands like GW Instek, Extech, Fluke, NoiseKen, Graphtec, Soken, Metrel and more. Every week we add new products to meet industry demand. We also carry all test instrument  accessories like test leads, clips, carying cases, and more.

Test and Measurement Instrument Product Categories

AC Gaussmeter

AC Magnetic characteristics measuring instrument

AC/DC Gaussmeter/Teslameter


Acoustic Imager

Airflow Meters

Analog Panel Meters

ATE / Bench Calibrators & DMMs

Audio / Video Equipment

Automated System

Battery Analyzers

Battery Meters


Cable Testers

CalBench Package

Calibration Bench Modules

Carbon Monoxide Monitors

Clamp Meter

Combustible Gas Detectors

Combustion Efficiency Analyzers

Component Test Inst

Condition Based Monitoring

Data Acquisition

DC Electronic Loads

DC Power Supplies

Decade R/L/C Boxes

Dielectric loss tangent testing instrument

Digital Panel Meters

Digital Power Meter

Earth Testers

EasyCal Calibration Software

Electrical Test Calibrators

Electrical Testers

EMI / EMC Test Instrumentation


Energy Loggers

EPROM Eraser

Frequency Counters

Function Generators

Gang Programmer

Gas Analyzers / Testers

Gauss EMF / ELF Meters


Ground Bond Tester

Hot line coil winding resistance meter

Humidity Meters

IC Tester

Impulse Tester

Impulse testing instrument

Indoor Air Quality Tools

Infrared Thermometers / Cameras

Instrument Transformer Testing Set

Insulation Tester

Lab Instruments

LAN Cabling Certification

LCR Meter

Learning Kits

Light Meters

Logic Analyzer

Logic Probes & Pulsers

Machines / Appliances / Switchgear Safety

Manometers (Pressure)


Micro/Milli Ohmmeters

Moisture Meters

Multifunction Calibrators


Oscilloscope Probes


Other Instruments

Partial Discharge Measuring Instruments

Portable Calibration Baths

Portable Process & Pressure Instruments

Portable Voltage & Current Instruments

Power Quality Analyzers

Power Sources

Power Supplies

Pressure Calibrators

Pressure Meters

Process Calibrators

Process Tools

Refrigerant Leak Detectors

RF Test Instruments

Safety / Testing / Compliance Instr.

Scopemeter Test Tools

Series Counters

Signal Generators

Single Site Programmer

Specialty Meters

Spectrum Analyzers

Static DC Gaussmeter



Temperature Controllers

Temperature Instrumentation

Three Phase AC Source System

Time Electronics CalBench


VOM Multimeters

Waveform Monitors / Vector Analyzers