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  • New Choice for Power Measurement ~ GW Instek GPM-8213
  • MDO-2000GE & EX Series
  • Expand Your Tool Box
  • LED/Lighting, Medical and Power Testing Promotion
  • Discontinued Test Tool Clearance Sale from GW Instek
  • Fluke All New Test Tools 2017
  • GW Instek 2017 Tripple Product Introduction
  • Affordable Power Supplies starting at $1,348
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Noiseken Demonstrator Units are Available for Clearance
  • GW Instek Introduces the PSB-1000B Series Multi-Range DC Power Supply
  • APS-7000
  • Fluke Connect - See it, Save it, Share it.
  • Test Instrument Liquidation

Test & Measurement Instrument Calibration, Repair and Sales

A2LA logo and ISO 9001 logoTradeport Electronics has been been serving Canada for over 30 years. Our Calibration Labs are certified regulary by A2LA for our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation and QMI-SAI Global for our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. We provide high quality traceable and ISO 17025 accredited calibrations for all our customers. View our scope of accreditation, our ISO 17025:2005 certificate or our ISO 9001:2008 certificate


Affordable Power Supplies Starting at $1,348

Affordable Power Supplies Starting at $1,348

When was the last time a Programmable Power Supply appealed to both the engineer and the accountant? Get a great price on our APM Technologies Power Supplies. Check out the models listed below for specifications.

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Graphtec America Dataloggers

Graphtec America Dataloggers

Dataloggers for Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, Power, Military, Gas and Oil Industries

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Calibration Custom Modular Benches

Calibration Custom Modular Benches

CalBench is the ultimate multifunction calibration station from Time Electronics. Each bench is custom-made to meet specific user requirements. Offering versatility and precision it is ideal for laboratories and workshops in need of multi-product testing that meets the highest industry standards.

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Used / Refurbished

Used / Refurbished

  Looking for great prices on test tools and precision measurement equipment? Browse through our selection of discounted products. 

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LED/Lighting, Medical and Power Testing Promotion

LED/Lighting, Medical and Power Testing Promotion

From July 1st 2017 thru September 30th 2017, save an additional 10% on the following products:

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Expand Your Tool Box

Expand Your Tool Box

The more tools you buy, the more FREE GIFTS you get! Level 1 Fluke 2AC VoltAlert™Electrical Tester Level 2 Fluke C55...

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EP&T High-Tech Electronics Show

Come visit the Tradeport Electronics Group Booth for new Test & Measurement Instrumentation. We now carry more products than ever. Come and see our president, Barry Conway for any questions you may have regarding any of our product lines. We'll see you there!

EP&T High-Tech Electronics Show - Ottawa

October 31, 2017
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

525 Legget Dr. Ottawa, ON K2K 2W2

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EP&T High-Tech Electronics Show - Mississauga

November 02, 2017
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

75 Derry Rd. Mississauga, ON L5W 1G3

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Products on Sale

GUC-2010G - Instek Universal Counter

Instek  Universal Counter

Sale : $131 (USD)
Reg. $199 (USD)

GAT-111 - AF Decade Attenuator

AF Decade Attenuator

Sale : $63 (USD)

GCM-01 - Insulation Test Unit (for use with GCM-036)

 Insulation Test Unit (for use with GCM-036)

Sale : $21 (USD)
Reg. $45 (USD)

GWF-202 - Wow & Flutter Meter

Wow & Flutter Meter

Sale : $409 (USD)
Reg. $799 (USD)

GCM-035 - Digital Clamp Meter

 Digital Clamp Meter

Sale : $27 (USD)
Reg. $50 (USD)

GPR-25H30D - 750W Linear D.C. Power Supply

750W Linear D.C. Power Supply

Sale : $751 (USD)

GCM-033 - Clamp Meter

Clamp Meter

Sale : $50 (USD)
Reg. $79 (USD)



Sale : $138 (USD)
Reg. $150 (USD)

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