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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) CG931 - Colour Pattern Generator NTSC

Colour Pattern Generator NTSC

Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI)

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Category : Audio / Video Equipment

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CG-931: NTSC Color Pattern Generator in compliance with EIA (RS-189A) and SMPTE
(ECR-1-1978) Standards

The CG-931 can output color-bar signals in compliance with both RS-189A and ECR-1-1978 standards. In addition to the field color bar signals, it can provide patterns including I/Q/W ON/OFF switching, color bar signals without luminance component and gray scale signals without chrominance component instantaneously.

Quality Discontinued Clearance Product

 COMMON FEATURES: (for the 2 Models S-Output)
An S-output is provided as standard. In addition, Y S and C outputs are provided at the rear panel (BNC connectors), and the output levels of each are variable individually

Variable Setting Levels
The setup, chrominance and luminance levels are arbitrarily settable and a calibration signal is provided for each, as a convenience in making simple adjustments and repairs to color TV receivers.

Individual Rasters for Purity Adjustments
Red, blue, green and white rasters are provided for use in verification of purity and in adjustment and inspection of white balance.

Dot and Cross-Hatch Patterns for Adjustments of Linearity and Convergence
A central dot can be used for adjustment of picture tube static convergence, and a cross-hatch pattern can be used for adjustment of dynamic convergence, these being provided as a convenience in adjusting vertical/horizontal amplitude and linearity.

Center Cross and Dot for Convergence Adjustment
A center cross and dot are provided to enable adjustment and inspection of raster alignment and convergence.

High-Voltage Testing
A white window on a black background enables testing high-voltage stability.

Video and RF Outputs
A video output for monitor TVs (75) and RF output for TV receivers (75) are provided as standard.

Sync Signal Output
To simplify the task of observing the video signal on an oscilloscope, the vertical and horizontal sync signals are provided as outputs. In addition, the sync signals include equivalent pulses and their phase is locked to the subcarrier frequency.

Interlaced and Progressive Scanning
In addition to the normally-used interlaced scanning, progressive scanning is also possible, thereby reducing jitter in the horizontal lines of the center cross and cross-hatch patterns.

RF Output ON/OFF Switching
When using only the video output or when it is desirable to eliminate interference, the unwanted RF output can be switched off.

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Colour Pattern Generator NTSC

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