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Ophir (Nova) 1Z02422A - B Laser Power Sensor Head

B Laser Power Sensor Head

Ophir (Nova)

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The BC20 scanned beam laser power meter has become the industry standard for measuring scanned laser beams as well as hard-to-reach static beams. The BC20 uses a silicon detector and innovative circuitry to measure scanned as well as static beams of up to 20 milliwatts with a noise level of microwatts. This instrument has patented dynamic background subtraction that eliminates over 95% of background light and allows measurement in normal room light. The calibration of each measurement head is in the head plug so that heads and displays can be interchanged without losing calibration. It also allows user recalibration if desired. The BC20 has advanced circuitry with excellent sensitivity, signal to noise ratio, accuracy, and response time; its special circuitry rejects electromagnetic interference. The measuring wand swivels 180º providing access to beams hidden in complicated assemblies. The Nova smart head display is compatible not only with the BC20, but with all of the 50+ Ophir photodiode, pyroelectric and thermal power/energy heads.

Quality Discontinued Clearance Product
  • Scanned or static beams
  • ±3% accuracy
  • For Nova, Orion, Nova II or Laserstar displays
  • Dynamic background suppression
  • Scanned beams up to 30,000 inch / sec
  • Analog output
  • Rechargeable

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B Laser Power Sensor Head

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