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Graphtec America WR310-16 - Thermal Arraycorder including 40GB HDD

Thermal Arraycorder including 40GB HDD

Graphtec America

Category : Data Acquisition

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Advanced Features...But Easy On Your Wallet

The WR300 Series Thermal Arraycorders are economical waveform recorders available in 4, 8 and 16 channel configurations. Unlike old-fashioned paper-only recorders, the WR300 series are 21st century technology through and through. In fact, this unit is nothing less than a single-box version of the ultra-modern DM3100V2 with the screen and printer built in!

And it offers convenient 2-channel plug-in modules that adapt the WR300 to a wide variety of input types and sensors, including voltages up to 500 V, strain gages, thermocouples, frequency/RPM signals, and more. There's also a logic input amp which offers the same number of inputs as the base machine (4, 8, or 16).


Graphtec America WR310-16 - Thermal Arraycorder including 40GB HDD

WR300 / WR310 Key Features:

  • Models available with 4, 8 or 16 input channels
  • WR310-8 and WR310-16 versions have 40 GB internal HDD and IRIG interface
  • 8.4 color LCD monitor for data display and the graphical user interface
  • Plug-in 2-channel WR3 series amplifiers adapt the system to a wide variety of input types and sensors.
  • Up to 1 MS/s sampling rate on all channels
  • Bandwidth (frequency response): dc to 50 kHz
  • 1 MSample internal memory PER CHANNEL is standard
  • Built-in 200mm (8) wide thermal array printer in the 8- and 16-ch models; 100 mm wide printer in the 4-ch model
  • Ethernet, USB, and slot for flash memory cards
  • Includes PC software for control, data transfer and conversion to popular formats

Amps & Options

  • WR3 series plug-in modules (2-ch each)
  • 40 GB internal HDD *
  • Flash memory cards for the PCM-CIA drive
  • 4-, 8-, or 16-channel logic input module
  • IRIG time code interface option *
  • DC power option in lieu of 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz



  WR300 WR310
No. of channels 4 8 16 8 16
100 mm roll paper Yes No No No No
200 mm (wide) roll paper No Yes Yes Yes Yes
100 mm Z-fold paper (for internal use) Opt. No No No No
100 mm (wide) Z-fold paper supply unit Opt. No No No No
200 mm (wide) Z-fold paper (for internal use) No Opt. Opt. Opt. Opt.
Internal 200 mm (wide) Z-fold paper supply unit No Opt. Opt. Opt. Opt.
200 mm Z-fold paper (long length) No Opt. Opt. Opt. Opt.
200 mm Z-fold (long length) paper supply unit No Opt. Opt. Opt. Opt.
Logic Amplifier 4-ch 8-ch 16-ch 8-ch 16-ch
IRIG time code interface No No No Yes Yes
40 GB HDD No No No Yes Yes
Main Unit Specifications
Item Details
Analog input 4-ch model: 2 slots; 8-ch model: 4 slots; 16-ch model: 8 slots
(amplifier units can be intermixed)
Logic input 4-ch model: 4 channels; 8-ch model: 8 channels; 
16-ch model: 16 channels
PC interface Ethernet LAN and USB 1.1
Memory capacity 1 Mword per channel
Internal storage 40 GB 2.5-inch hard disk*, PCMCIA slot (TypeII)
Isolation voltage Between the AC power supply and the casing:
1 minute at 1500 VAC
Insulation resistance Between the AC power supply and the casing:
20 M at 500 VDC
Backup functions Instrument settings: EEPROM; Clock: Lithium batteries
Operating environment 0°C to 40°C, 30 to 80% RH (5°C to 35°C when using hard disk or printer)
Operating noise level Standby: 60 dBA max.
Rated power supply 100 to 120 VAC / 200 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto selecting)
Power consumption 4-ch model: approx 100VA
8-ch model: approx 120 VA
16-ch model: approx 140 VA
(when the printer is being used, and at 50% density)
External dimensions (approx) WxDxH: 380 x 296 x 125 mm
WxDxH: 14.96 x 11.65 x 4.92 in.
Weight (approx) 4-ch model: 5.6 kg (filled with amps; no options)
8-ch model: 6.1 kg (filled with amps; no options)
16-ch model: 6.8 kg (filled with amps; no options)

* WR310 only

Monitor and Printer Specifications
Item Details
Display screen 8.4-inch color TFT LCD
Display details Settings values and data display (waveform and numeric)
Thermal printer 4-ch model: 100 mm wide, 8 dots/mm
8/16-ch models: 200 mm wide, 8 dots/mm
Measurement modes Recorder mode, FFT mode
Display format Format: Y-T
Direction: Horizontal scroll
Display zones: Zone specification, fixed format
Digital display Digital display of measured values for up to 8 channels on right-hand side of the screen
Display method Scroll, fixed
Print details Waveforms and screen copy
Chart speed 1, 2, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 mm/s
1, 2, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 mm/h and mm/m
Printing accuracy Y: ±0.3% ±1dot
T: ±2% ±0.5mm
Annotation printing System annotation (system, user, system & user, off)
Channel annotation (amp, user, amp & user, value, off)
No. of annotation characters 10 to 32 characters
Annotation printing interval 10 to 100 cm in 10 cm steps
Captured data display Waveform display/scroll, Waveform zoom in/out, Cursor function, Calculation function, Data search function
Waveform expansion Time axis fixed zoom in/out, x10 to x 1/1000 (data between specified fied cursors)
Compression functions Time axis variation zoom in/out, data between cursors,
Y axis variable zoom in/out, data between cursors
Cursor functions Cursor read-out function, Scroll function, Zoom function
Calculation functions Arithmetic operations, moving average, log, index mean, absolute value, differential and integral (two integration types), Second differential (two types), Sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arcosine, arctangent, pi,
Data search Date/time: data search from specified time/date
Level: data search above/below specified level
Analysis functions Auto-correlation: linear spectrum, power spectrum, power spectrum density, RMS spectrum
Cross-correlation: cross spectrum, transfer function, coherence function
Analysis frequencies 400, 200, 100, 80, 40, 20, 10, 8, 5, 4, 2, 1 kHz
800, 500, 200, 100, 80, 40, 20, 10, 8, 5, 4, 2, 1 Hz
0.8, 0.5, 0.4, 0.2, 0.1, 0.08 Hz
No. of analysis channels 4 FFT channels simultaneous
Window functions Hanning and rectangular
No. of sampling points 1000 and 2000 points
Averaging Summation, exponential, peak hold
Display format 1, 2, and 4 division, or Nyquist
Print details Screen copy

Standard Accessories

Thermal paper - one roll is included as standard, according to which model you purchase:
4-ch = PR230 100 mm wide roll; 8/16-ch = PR230A 200 mm wide
Plus 2 roll paper bobbins are included

Remote interface connector
LCD protection sheet
Quick guides
RSC-110 AC power cable
User Guide on CDROM with OPS023 control/data transfer software and USB driver

Data Capture Function Specifications
Item Details
Captured data Measurement conditions, Measurement data
Capture capacity RAM memory: 1 Mword/ channel
PCMCIA card: Depends on usage conditions 
HDD: 40 GB (2 GB limit/file) *
Sample interval RAM memory: amplifier-dependent
PCMCIA card: 5 ms max (200 Hz)
HDD: 8-ch capture: 1µs (1 MHz); 16-ch capture: 2 µs (500 kHz); [Note: 10 µs for temperature recording]
Memory banks/blocks ** 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128
Capture start specification After a trigger, capture starts simultaneously with waveform recording (can be set on/off)
Captured data Measurement conditions, Measurement data
Captured capacity Depends on PC connected
Sampling interval Amplifer-dependent
Transfer data details During measurement: Min/max values are transferred in real-time
After measurement: Captured data are transferred to HDD or CD-RW (any volume on the host computer)
Data backup ** Memory, PCMCIA card, hard disk* (data capture capacity and sampling interval are the same as for capturing to internal RAM)
Capture start specification After triggering, capture starts simultanesouly with waveform recording (can be turned on/off)

* HDD is available only for the WR310-8 and WR310-16
** When using memory (RAM) capture

Trigger Specifications
Item Details
Time gate OFF, Relative Time, Absolute Time
Action Single, Repeat
[Start Condition] source OFF: Start recording by pressing the START key
INT: Triggered recording based on signal level(s)
MAN: Manually press the trigger key
EXT: Trigger recording from an external signal (via the remote connector)
[Stop Condition] source OFF: Stop recording by pressing the STOP key
INT: Stop recording based on signal level(s)
MAN: Manually press the trigger key (toggles to stop)
EXT: Stop recording from an external signal (via the remote connector)
Trigger combinations Level OR, Level AND, Edge OR, Edge AND
Judgment mode Edge: rising or falling slops
Level: above or below levels
Window: IN or OUT (enter or leave)
Level -100% to +100% of the measurement range in 1% steps
Trigger counter Number of lines: 1 to 255
Filter: Product of the sampling interval and the number of times settings (only available when capturing to internal memory)
(Trigger counter is available only when LEVEL triggering is used)
Pre-trigger Internal memory: 0 to 100% in 1% steps
Logic trigger Pattern: H (High), L (Low), X (Don't care)
Judgment mode: when the pattern is matched
OPS023 Windows Program Software Specifications
Item Details
Compatible OS's Windows2000 and WindowsXP only
Functions available Setup, data recording, data transfer to PC, file conversion to popular formats, report generation
Setup controls WR300/WR310 functional control, communication setup
Measurement function Recorder mode
Display format Y-T (aka strip chart)
Display orientation Horizontal strip chart scroll
No. of display zones User specifiable zones
Display display Digital (numeric) display of up to 8 channels on the left side of the screen
Display methods Scroll, fixed
Captured data replay Waveform display, scroll, waveform expansion/compression
Cursor functions Cursor readout, data search
File conversion ASCII text, CSV, DADISP, GBD
Report creation Report creation mode or waveform screen copy and paste

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