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APM SP32VDC1600W - 1600W SP Series Programmable DC Power Supply


This Product includes the following certification: CE/CSA/UL/FCC

SP Series Programmable DC Power Supply:

SP32VDC1600W is a switch-mode single output programmable DC source with a height of 1U. It is a high-precision programmable DC source using 16 bit D/A & 24 bit A/D sampling circuits, and with a voltage and current resolutions of up to 0.1 mV and 0.2mA, respectively. The power output for a single unit is up to 1600W.It supports multi-unit parallel operation mode (maximum 4 units) with a parallel-output current of up to 200A. This feature makes the application and test of circuits more convenient and flexible. It also supports in-line (series) operation mode.

  • Wide input voltage range (90 ~ 265VAC).
  • 1U/1.6 kW high power density.
  • Simple Master/Slave and parallel & series mode of operation have the output power of up to 6.4 kW, and the power customized according to the needs of customer can be reached 16 kW.
  • With accurate voltage and current measurement capability.
  • High-speed programmable interface.
  • Coded knobs, multifunctional keyboard.
  • Switchable constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) operating modes.
  • Functions for gradual rise/drop of voltage.
  • Programmable and multiple ways of setting the voltage/current function.
  • Over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protections.
  • Built-in communication interface for USB/LAN/RS485/RS232.
  • Use SCPI standard communication protocol.
  • With standard external interface and remote output. Remote sense line voltage drop compensation.
  • DVM independent measurement functions.
Input voltage range 90~265VAC
Output Voltage Range 0~32V
Output Current Range 0~50A
Voltage display resolution 0.1mV
Current display resolution 0.2mA
Voltage programming resolution 1.5mV
Current programming resolution 2mA
Voltage Setting Accuracy 0.05%+15mV
Current Setting Accuracy 0.2%+8mA
Voltage Readback Accuracy 0.05%+15mV
Current Readback Accuracy 0.2%+8mA
Voltage Ripple 80mVp-p/7mVrms
Current Ripple 80mA
Transient Response Time ≤1.5ms
Operating Efficiency 89%
DVM Resolution 0.1mV
DVM Accuracy 0.02%+5mV
Command Response Time 50ms
Remote Sense Compensation 4V MAX
Net. Weight(single machine) 9.2kg
Communication Interface USB/LAN/RS485/RS232
Dimensions (W*H*D) 483.0mm x 44.0mm x 514.0mm

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