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Graphtec America GS-DPA-AC - AC Current Sensor Adapter

AC Current Sensor Adapter

Graphtec America

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Measure electric power current by connecting an AC current sensor (50A clamp/GS-AC50A; 100A clamp/GS-AC100A; 200A clamp/GS-AC200A) single-phase 2 wire, single-phase 3 wire, thre-phase 3 wire, etc. to the GL100!

Potential Connection Sensor 50A Clamp (GS-AC50A)
100A Clamp (GS-AC100A)
200A Clamp (GS-AC200A)
All Optional
Measurement Data Current, Power, Accumulated electric power (accumulated value dusplay during recording only)
Measurement ch Up to 2ch depending on sensor
Input Method RMS converter + Scan equation, non-isolated input 3 types of sensor connections
Measurement Accuracy

±2.0% FS ± 1 digit
(Ambient temperature 23ºC, rated value input, rated value frequency)
Target Measurement Frequency
50Hz / 60Hz
Single-phase 2 wire, single-phase 3 wire, three-phase 3 wire
Measurement Display Function
Electric current, Electric power (instant electric power, or accumulated power)
Single Sequence Rated Value Electric Current GS-AC50A : 50A RMS
GS-AC100A : 100A RMS
GS-AC200A : 200A RMS
Processor Functionality Accumulated electric power: 0 to 999,999kWh *Count resets at start of recording
Voltage-proofing AC100V, 50/60Hz, 1min
Case – Inuput/Output Terminal all together
Sampling Intervals 0.5 | 1 | 2 | 5 | 10 | 20 | 30 sec
1 | 2 | 5 | 10 | 20 | 30 | 60 min
Extension Cable AC Current sensor adapter Approx. 20cm
AC Current sensor Approx. 20cm
Operating Environment -10º to 50ºC, 80% RH and below (non-condensed)
External Dimensions 46mm x 66mm x 27.4mm (excludes protrusion)
Weight 55g (1.94 oz)

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AC Current Sensor Adapter

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