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APM SP360VDC24000W Professional - 24000W High Power Programmable DC Power Supply with USB, RS232, and RS485 Interface

24000W High Power Programmable DC Power Supply with USB, RS232, and RS485 Interface


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Graphical User Interface

The large color touch screen provides simple and fast operation for customers, real-time update of display output data and power status.
The actual values are displayed with bigger characters, so they can be read from a large distance.


Wide Input Voltage Range & High Power Density

3-phase input voltage range 187~460Vac meets worldwide power distribution regulation. 36kW/6U high density, higher efficiency, lower ripple and fast response make it ideal for test requirements in different periods of different applications. This series power supply can have from one to three internal 6kW power blocks, each of which is connected across a separate phase of the 3-phase AC mains. The following figures illustrate how to install three 6kW units or three 12kW units to obtain a balanced current draw on the 3-phase AC mains.

CC & CV Priority

This series power supply provides CC/CV priority function allows the user to select suitable mode correspond to test requirement, let the output be voltage high speed or current no overshoot mode. Below shows an application of CC priority to avoid current overshoot during LED test.


Adjustable Voltage/Current Slew Rate

This series power supply provides adjustable rise and fall time setting for voltage and current. Adjustable time range 1ms~24h.


Continuous Source & Sink Function(optional)

Additionally to the Source mode, this series power supply is equipped with electronic load, also called Sink mode, to absorb power, that enables it work as a two-quadrant power supply. The switchover between these two operating modes occurs without interruption and time loss, thus avoiding overshoot of voltage or current. As a power supply, CV, CC, CP modes are available. As an electronic load, CV, CC, CP and CR mode are available. Thus making it suitable for inductive load and capacitive load testing.



With APM DC E-load To Expand Loading Capability

If a large fast current sinking capability is required, the user can choose APM programmable electric DC loads as well. A power supply can connect and control three DC loads at the same time through CAN communication to realize a rapid response system. Meeting demanding requirements of high power discharging test.


List/Program/Step Mode Programming

This series power supply provides List/Program/Step modes for output waveform programming. Users can edit the voltage/current value & the time of each step in advance and provide the power supply with a trigger signal. Then the preset sequences / waveform will be executed automatically according to the defined files. Sequence mode supports link between multiple files, the user can set the repeat times of each file and the total repeat times of the complete sequence file.


Professional Version Power Supply Function

DDS Arbitrary Function Generator

This series power supply includes a true function generator which can generate typical functions as displayed below, convenient for editing or directly recall. Additional to the standard functions, this arbitrary generator is accessible for the creation and execution of complex sets of functions, which is can be used for testing purposes in development and production.


Built-in Standard Automotive Power Network Voltage Curves

This series power supply has built-in German DIN40839 standard voltage curve for the automotive power network and the international standard ISO-16750-2 pulse waveform. The fast rise/fall response time together with arbitrary function generate ability make it can truly simulate the influence on the performance of automotive electronic equipment under different test conditions, is the preferred power testing instrument in the automotive electronics industry.


Solar Panel I-V Curve Simulation Function

The power supply provides an unique feature to simulate the output characteristics of a solar array includes Curve Mode, User-defined Mode and SAS Mode. With Curve mode, only need to set four parameters to simulate the solar array I-V curve. With User-defined mode, user can shape an I-V curve by entering up to 4096 points to simulate dynamic cloud cover effect which is useful for MPPT performance evaluation on PV inverter device. With built-in SAS mode, user can set the parameters to simulate I-V curve characteristic output and generate reports.


Smart 3-stage Charging Algorithm Simulation

This series power supply adopts 3-stage charging algorithm, built-in charging curves which is suitable for the commonly known types of batteries on the market. Users can directly recall the default curves or change the switching conditions at different charging stage according to the test requirement. Through the internal design, it improved and optimized hardware improvements, the current passing from the battery to power supply will be less than 10mA at any battery voltage when turn off the power supply. Thus avoid battery capacity loss, even when there is no anti reverse irrigation equipment.


Battery Simulator Function

This series power supply built-in typical battery internal resistance curves and discharging curves can easily simulate battery behavior in real-case.

  • Large color touch screen with intuitive interface provides an excellent intuition operational experience
  • 3-phase input voltage meets worldwide power distribution regulation, AC mains 187~253Vac/340~460Vac for optional
  • Constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC) and constant power (CP) operation mode, CC or CV working priority setting
  • Adjustable voltage/current slew rate
  • DDS Arbitrary function generator*
  • Solar panel I-V curve simulation function*
  • Smart 3-stage charging algorithm simulation*
  • Battery simulator function*
  • Continuous source & sink function, with APM DC E-load to expand loading capability (optional)
  • List/ Step mode programming
  • TTL/Analog control and monitoring
  • Built-in standard automotive power network voltage curves*
  • Full protection: OVP, OCP, OPP and OTP protection
  • Supports master-slave mode, paralleling up to 16 units
  • Supports SCPI commands, provides web GUI function

* Only professional version units support these functions



Voltage187~265VAC / 340~460VAC
Current3P208 L3-60A , L1, L2-103A
3P400 L3-30A, L1,L2-49A
Connection3ph, PE
Fuse (Internal)T50A*2pcs / T30A*2pcs
Power Factor>0.99
Input Power3P208 26.8kVAmax, 3P400 26.0kVAmax
Efficiency3P208 ~92.2%@360V, 3P208 ~90.5%@170A
3P400 ~92.5%@360V, 3P400 ~91%@170A



Voltage Range0~360V
Current Range0~170A
Power Range0~24000W
Maximum Setup Range
Internal Resistance0~64Ω
Internal ResistanceR<2% Rmax, I<0.3% Imax
Line Regulation
Voltage<0.02% Umax(72mV)
Current<0.05% Imax(85mA)
Power<0.05% Pmax
Load Regulation
Voltage<0.05% Umax(180mV) @Rated Voltage, <0.1% Umax(360mV) @Rated Current
Current<0.15% Imax(255mA)
Power<0.75% Pmax
Display Resolution
Internal Resistance0.001Ω
Measurement Accuracy
Voltage<0.1% Umax(360mV)
Current<0.2% Imax(340mA)
Power<0.5% Pmax
Internal Resistance<0.4% Rmax
Voltage<350mVpp, <60mVrms
Rise Time
Voltage<15ms (No Load) <80ms (Full Load)
Drop Time
Voltage<800ms (No Load) <15ms (Full Load)
Transient Response Time
Remote Compensation



Graphic Display4.3 Inch Color Touch LCD
Operation Key FeatureSoft keys, Numberic keys, Rotary knod, USB port for transfer and upgrading firmware
Rack Mount HandlesYes
FanTemperature Control
InterfaceRS232 / RS485 / USB(Standard), GPIB/LAN (Optional), CAN (Optional)
Command Response Time<3ms


Analog Interface (Optional)

Set Value InputsAnalog input 0~5V/0~10V or 0~5kΩ/0~10kΩ to set 0~105% voltage, current and power
Actual Value OutputAnalog output 0~5V/0~10V to monitor the voltage and current.
Accuracy U/I/P/R<0.2% F.S
Actual Output U/I<0.2%
Control SignalsDC ON/OFF, External control Enable/Disable
Status SignalsCV, OVP, OT
Sample Rate of Input & Output45Hz
Galvanic Isolation to the Device2818VDC


Master / Slave Control

Serial Outputmax 2 units
Parallel Outputmax 16 units



Operating Temperature0~40˚C
Storage Temperature-20~70˚C
Temperature Coefficient100ppm/˚C (voltage), 150ppm/˚C (current)
Relative Humidity<95%RH (non-condensing) @ 35˚C, <80%RH (non-condensing) @40˚C
Fan Noise48dB Idle; 77dB Max;



Dimensions (mm)423W x 265H x 745D
Package Dimensions (mm)549W x 531H x 946D
Unit Net Weight75kg
Net Weight101kg



Over Voltage CategoryII
Protection ClassI
Pollution Degree2
InsulationAC input <-> DC output, 4242VDC, AC input <->PE, 2818VDC


Sink Function

Input Voltage0~360V
Input Current0~100A
Input Power0~1300W
Min. Operating Voltage8V@56A
CC Resolution8mA
CC Accuracy<0.2% Imax(200mA)
CV Resolution<20mV
CV Accuracy<0.1% Umax(360mV)
CP Resolution1.5W
CP Accuracy<0.5% Pmax(6500mW)
Slew Rate0.01~2.5A/us
Dynamic Mode20ms~50s

[1] For different input voltage standard option must be specified at the time of order as they are installed at the factory prior to shipment.
[2] Load transient from 0% to 100% of rated output.
[3] Test value at 100% voltage and 100% power.
[4] Vrms @ 300kHz, Vpp @ 20MHz, Arms @ 300kHz.

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24000W High Power Programmable DC Power Supply with USB, RS232, and RS485 Interface

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