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CalBench Calibration Benches - Custom Design Modules

CalBench can be fitted with a wide range of modules for various applications:

Pressure: Precision calibrators, indicators, and controller modules. Ranges from vacuum to 600bar.

Fixed and adjustable AC and DC power supplies, dual and programmable units.

Loop and Temperature: High accuracy loop calibrator modules with source, measure and sink functions. Temperature calibrators capable of measuring and simulating RTDs/thermocouples.

Multifunction Calibrator and DMM Modules: The 7051 provides high accuracy multi-product calibration and has an internal 6½ digit multimeter. Also available are the 5065B (6½ digit) and 5075B (7½ digit) DMM modules.

Additional Modules: Further modules include oscilloscopes, frequency counters, function generators, and harmonics analyzers. Custom design modules can be fitted allows the user to integrate a familiar instrument into their system.